Golden Garden Spider

Golden Garden Spider and Katydid

Golden Garden Spider and Katydid

Easily the prettiest spider around in her dressed-to-kill gown, fur collar and long black stockings. These beauties are also known as “writing spiders” because of the trademark zigzag pattern in their webs (shown just below her). They have three specialized types of silk glands. One is used to create the Z-pattern, another creates the radial web strands, and a third type builds the food-trapping silk. Golden garden spiders are beneficial creatures, seem pretty mild tempered, and are not poisonous.


  1. I found your site as I was looking to identify a spider (Golden Garden Spider)…as new Kansans (3 yrs), my husband and I are continually amazed at the beauty this state holds in its boundaries….Thanks for your contribution to the photo preservation of this glorious state!

  2. I have this spider outside of my window. I am amazed by the beauty and design of the web. There is also a sac on the edge of the roof that I am guessing are baby spiders. It has been working to make some sort of protective web around it. It’s amazing!

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